Meeting on Religions and Violence on August 30th and 31st

Giorgio Vasari,

The St.Barholomew’s day massacre, 1573

Istituto ReTe(Religioni e Teologia) at Lugano Faculty of Theology (Facoltà di Teologia di Lugano) is pleased to hold, now in presence again as well as live-streamed, a meeting on Religions and Violence on August 30th and 31st, 2021.

Such meeting has been prompted by the studies of the Masters of Arts organised by Istituto ReTe and will take place to coincide with the launch of the first online Master of Arts in Interreligious Dialogue: Science, Philosophy and Theology of Religions in English.

As is known, the themes that the Institute gives priority to are intrareligious and interreligious dialogue, with a focus on the opportunities for different cultures and traditions to come into contact with each other.

Therefore, the theme of the meeting will be dealt with from a historical point of view, and also, and above all, from different confessional perspectives: Islam, Judaism, Christianity.

We will question ourselves about how violence has been part of the history of such beliefs, as well as how it features in the Holy Scriptures. The debate will be focussed on trying to understand the reasons that have sparked off conflict and led to violence in the past and, bearing that in mind, what the chances are to avoid them now and promote a constructive, proactive interreligious dialogue.

The days of the meeting will be opened by Professor René Roux, Dean of the Lugano Faculty of Theology, and by Adriano Fabris, Director of Istituto ReTe. Guest speakers will include authoritative experts, such as Yahya Pallavicini, Raffaella di Castro, Myriam Di Marco, Isa Zilio Grandi, Stephano Simiz.

Consistently with the programme, the latest book by Professor Pallavicini, published by Mimesis, Contemplare Allâh. Regole sulla via interiore di maestri musulmani, will be presented the afternoon of August 31st.

We expect you will flock in to this new start of the Academic Year 2021-22, which we are readying to be as full of interesting ideas as possible.


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